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Cruise Kas to Olympos
DAY 1:

Departure from Kas Harbour around 11 a.m. Lunch. Today we cruise around the Small Islands. Lots of swimming, snorkeling and sun bathing! We spent the night at Aperlai Bay. Optional visit of this archaeological site, dinner.

Turkish fishing village
DAY 2:

Breakfast. Departure to Sunken City of Kekova (this Lycian- Roman archaeological site is protected, so only looking!). Simena, a traditional Turkish fishing village with no car access and Byzantine/Ottoman castle. In Gokkaya Bay optional water sports are available. Dinner, relax in this pirates haven or party the night away at the Smugglers Inn.

Pirates Cave
DAY 3:

After breakfast we have a look at the Pirates Cave (sea conditions permitting) before cruising to Andriace harbour (lunch). Bus transfer to the archaeological site of Myra, and to Demre for the St.Nicholas Church, shopping and banking when requested by your group. Bus transfer to the Tree houses in Olympos where we arrive between 4 and 6 p.m.