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The whole idea of joining a cruise is to have a blast, sailing in a great area with good friends. Though we do not want to make all this sound like boot camp, there are a few important issues about daily life on board. While a charter on a gulet is fun in the first place, let's not forget that everybody on board must understand basic safety issues. The safety of passengers and crew/gulet is always placed above any other consideration.

Necessity of a tidy boat:
Being on a 50 or 70 somewhat feet boat for a few days or more imply close quarters. Beyond the simple comfort, it is a matter of basic safety for everyone on board that before setting off, everything is properly stowed and secured. In the cabins and in the common areas. We hope that everyone can understand this and participate. There is the potential for objects to fly that are not stored properly. Along with this we like to keep a tidy, organized boat. The gulet is your home for the period of your cruise and is someones precious property. Be kind to it..

No shoes on board:
Normal street shoes are definitely not acceptable on board a yacht... walking barefoot is the rule on board! Soft-soled shoes for getting around on deck (not inside) is possible...

Toilets on board:
A boat toilet is very complex & sensitive machinery that gets very easily blocked. Therefore please do not put any toilet paper or sanitary products down the toilets on board. Use the rubbish bin in the bathroom. Air displaced from the tank when the waste drops may cause a smell. Please operate the pump long enough to ensure that waste is flushed all the way out of the hose to the holding tank. Waste standing in the hose is a source of unpleasant odours. 'Gentlemen please be seated' is another effective way of minimizing head compartment odours..

Water supply on board is obviously limited. Please do not let the water run while brushing your teeth. Keep your showers short..

The same concept as the water. Please avoid leaving lights on without reason. Electrical appliances may only be connected while the yacht is tied up to land..

Respect of fellow passengers/crew and other water enthusiasts:
We share the Mediterranean with other boaters, fishermen, swimmers, surfers, and skiers, please respect their rights to safety, comfort, access, and use of the water..

Don't stay down below unless necessary, look at the horizon if you feel queasy. Guests who are prone to it take the proper medications well before casting off..

For safety reasons, smoking is prohibited in the cabins. Smoking is allowed on the deck and in the lounge. Please dispose of butts in the available ashtrays..

Life jackets:
A PFD (Personal Floatation Device) is designed to keep your head above water and to help you remain in a position which permits proper breathing. The life jackets are stored under the beds in all cabins and/or in the common sitting area. Ask your crew!

Fire blanket:
The safety fire blankets on the boats meet the requirements of all fire safety regulations on board.